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About Our Community

Summerville Place was built in three phases and totals 400 houses. The builder, Crosland Corporation (since purchased by Centex homes) planned the community with ponds, forested areas, and allowed for an amenities area. The development plan for the amenities area is done by you, the homeowner, along with your neighbors.
Summerville Place is located on the fringe of the town of Summerville. Police, Fire, and other emergency services are provided primarily by the town of Summerville. Dialing 911 will get you Summerville operators. If you dial a mobile phone 911 will get you to Charleston operators. From the mobile phone dial 075-1650 to reach the Summerville Police.Public Schools are located in Dorchester School District Two.

Elementary Schools: Middle Schools: High Schools:
Beech Hill Alston Gregg Fort Dorchester
Newington Dubose Oakbrook Ashley Ridge

Summerville Garbage Pick-Up Schedule

(Regular Trash Collection is Wednesday am) **Trash must be in the city green container for pick-up.** 2011 Summerville Trash Guide (click here).

Recycling 2011 Schedule & Information

Mixed Paper: Office paper (letterhead, computer and copy paper, plain envelopes without windows, sticky notes, calendar pages, manila folders, legal paper and index cards); newspapers and inserts; magazines and catalogs; unwanted mail. These will be collected the first and third Fridays of each month. Please stack newspaper & magazines and bind them together with twine or place them in a brown paper bag. Emptied & flattened corrugated (brown with a wavy layer) cardboard is also collected on this day. Gray cardboard, soda boxes and cardboard backs from writing tables are not recycables.

Co-mingled Recyclables:

steel cans; steel lids and tops; empty paint cans; empty aerosol cans without tops; aluminum cans, foil and pie pans; #1 and #2 plastic bottles without tops; oil bottles (do not remove tops); and glass bottles and jars; will be collected curbside on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. Please remove & discard caps. No motor oil bottles accepted. All colors of glass will be accepted provided that they are unbroken lids removed. Rinse all containers completely. You may place all of these items together for pickup in a clear plastic bag or any open container you choose. Your container will not be removed or recycled.

**There will be no recycling pickup on a fifth Friday of any month**

For holiday schedules, please check your local newspaper, or call Suburban (873-4810) to check on the recycling schedule.

Garbage and Recycling Sites in Dorchester County:

SC DHEC website for City of Summerville and Dorchester County information

Garbage and Trash FAQ

The Solid Waste Management and Policy Act of 1991 banned many items from South Carolina landfills. Your town and county governments now handle these items separately, and we need your help in order to comply with the state law. The following items are a few of the banned materials: Appliances (also called white goods), yard debris, tires, and used motor oil.

What does the term GARBAGE mean?

Garbage includes everything normally placed inside of a regular household garbage can. It includes items from the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc. How does the Town of Summerville want us to manage or handle our household garbage? These items should be placed in closed plastic bags (tied) then in a provided roll cart.

Who collects the garbage in the Town of Summerville?

Regular household garbage in the Town is contracted out and is picked up by Suburban Disposal. Please call them at 873-4810 to determine the pickup days for your address. If your family requires more than one roll cart, please call Suburban for delivery of an extra can. There will be a monthly charge of $6.00 for the extra service.

What is the difference between yard wastes and bulk wastes?

Examples of yard waste include leaves, grass clippings, pine straw, tree trimmings, small plants & limbs. These items need to be 4 feet or less in length. Bulk waste will not fit into your roll cart or regular trash can. Examples of bulk waste include metal, furniture, plastic, fiberglass, and cardboard boxes as long as they are emptied out & flattened. Who picks up yard wastes, when do they do it, and how do I prepare it for collection before I place it at the curb? Yard waste is picked up once a week on Monday by crews from the Town of Summerville Streets Department and taken to a special facility just for yard waste. It is not taken to the landfill and must not contain any garbage. Please call Town Hall at 871-6000 to find out if your collection day has changed. Limbs must be cut into sections less than 4 feet in order to fit into the equipment used to pick up the debris. Please place yard wastes on the curb no later than 7:00 am on the morning of your pickup day. Leaves, grass, clippings, and tree trimmings can be placed on the curb un-bagged. Yard wastes may be placed into brown paper bags only, if you choose.


Trees may not be cut down without a permit obtained from Town Hall and trees cut down by a contractor must be disposed of by the contractor.

Who collects bulk wastes, when to they do it, and how do I prepare it for collection before I place it at the curb?

Crews from the Summerville Streets Department pick up bulk waste. Bulk items are collected once a month on your regular yard waste day that falls in the last full week of each month. (see attached schedule). Once again, bulk waste includes metal, furniture, plastic, fiberglass, cardboard boxes, latex paint that is dried out using cat litter or sand. Bulk items should be placed on the street no sooner than 7:00 am on the day of collection.

DO NOT MIX YARD WASTES WITH BULK WASTES BECAUSE THEIR FINAL DESTINATIONS ARE DIFFERENT! If you have both kinds of waste to put out on the day when bulk waste is picked up, you must make two separate piles. What items will the Town personnel not pick up?

The Town will not pick up construction materials. Owners & contractors should make private arrangements to have this debris transported to the appropriate county landfill. Call Chambers Oakridge Landfill at 1-800-952-5814 to make sure they are able to take your items. This also includes trees that are being taken down. Carpet & padding are considered construction debris. If the carpet dealer charges you a disposal fee, be sure that the carpet installers dispose of your old carpet. For your convenience, make this part of the deal when you purchase new carpet. The Dorchester Mulch/ Metals convenience site next to Chambers Oakridge Landfill, also takes construction materials.

The Town will not pick up white goods.

White goods include refrigerators, stoves, freezers, water heaters, washing machines and dryers. When replacing an old unit, the dealer that sells the new unit is required by law to charge you a disposal fee, whether or not they take your old unit. However, if the dealer doesn't take the old appliance away, you will be responsible for disposing of it.

Other items of interest:

Junk cars can be collected free of charge. Call Special Olympics: 1-800-590-1600 or the National Kidney Foundation at 1-800-822-3216. Donating a car is tax deductible, something to keep in mind. Residents can take bulk items to Oakridge Landfill and Dorchester County pays the disposal fee.

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